Wife wears fun underwear high heels

Wife wears fun underwear high heels

With the progress of society, sexual concepts have gradually opened up, and people’s demand for sex products is increasing.As one of the sexual supplies, sexy underwear has brought more fun to our lives.Some people choose to wear sexy underwear in private time to increase interest.So what do you think of his wife’s problem of wearing fun underwear high heels?

Underwear type

The first is to be familiar with the type of sexy underwear. At present, the sexy underwear in the market can be divided into multiple types, such as daily comfortable type, sexy type, and sexy type.Wife wearing a sexy underwear high heels is a sexy underwear, which can increase the fun of life.But it should be noted that wearing sexy underwear must also consider other factors.

Personal preferences

Everyone’s preference for sexy underwear is different. Some people like fresh and lovely cartoon shapes, and some people like sexy and generous styles.Wife varies from person to person to wearing fun underwear and high heels. We must fully respect the needs and wishes of his wife, and must not force the other party.


When talking about the timing, you need to choose different sexy underwear according to different occasions.Family life is suitable for wearing more comfortable and cute sexy underwear, makeup dances and other occasions.Of course, on the occasion of wives wearing sexy underwear and high heels, we must also consider local cultural customs and social habits.

Appropriate size

The size of sexy underwear is also a problem that needs to be considered.If the size is too small, it will cause uncomfortable wear and affect the beauty. If you are too large, you will lose the effect of sex underwear.How to choose the appropriate size in the wife’s underwear high heels is a matter of paying more attention.

Hygiene issue

All erotic underwear needs to be cleaned and disinfected in time to avoid breeding bacteria and viruses.This, especially for personal items, can not be ignored.When wives wearing fun underwear high -heeled shoes, they must ensure the hygiene of the items and protect their health.

Do not deviate from the original intention

Normal sexual life is the needs of couples to meet the needs of each other, but it is important to note that while meeting the needs of their own needs, it cannot deviate from the original intention of the husband and wife relationship.Wife wearing sexy underwear high heels may be a way to regulate emotions, but it cannot affect the relationship between husband and wife.

Communicate with each other

It is important to communicate with each other.When choosing the style, color and occasion of sex underwear, you must listen to the opinions and suggestions of the other party.Before his wife wears a sexy underwear, communicating with the other half before he wears high -heeled shoes, it can reduce misunderstandings and unnecessary disputes.

Try not to do the same

There are various styles and styles of sexy underwear, so be careful not to be similar to others.You can choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your own characteristics and personality.When my wife wears a sexy lingerie, she should pay more attention to it.

Copy the sound of the surroundings

Society’s views and attitudes of sexy underwear are diverse. Some people think that sexy underwear is a irritating item, while others think that sex underwear is part of entertainment.When wives wearing fun underwear high -heeled shoes, pay attention to the reactions of people around you to avoid unnecessary disputes and anxiety.

my point of view

In my opinion, my wife wears a sexy lingerie high -heeled shoes is not a thing that needs to be rejected or taboo.Increasing interest in life can bring some fun and excitement to the life of the couple, but also pay attention to the scale and method.The understanding and communication between husband and wife is crucial. On this basis, knowing how to enjoy life is also a beautiful lifestyle.

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