Wild erotic underwear fierce battle

Wild erotic underwear fierce battle

Interest underwear is a must -have for modern women. It can not only add interest, but also improve self -confidence.However, it may be a good choice to wear sex underwear to outdoor!Suppose you and your partner are on vacation in the wild. Pay attention to the following points to make your wild sexy underwear tour more perfect!

Preparation: Suitable for outdoor erotic underwear

First of all, you need to prepare for outdoor sexy lingerie styles.Wearing sexy bras and underwear in the wild may bring you discomfort, so comfort should be your primary condition.You can choose a soft fabric and loosely designed erotic underwear, so that even if you and your partner run on the grass, you don’t have to worry about the fun underwear too tight or too bright.

Cooperation: matching of clothing and sexy underwear

Secondly, clothing and sexy underwear should be matched with each other.If you wear a translucent sexy underwear, you can choose to wear light clothes to cover your body, or choose a more hidden wild field as a place.If your clothing chooses the sports style, then choose some comfortable and sexy sexy underwear, which can make you feel more confident and comfortable.

Cleaning: Washing Wood in the Wild Washing Innerwear

In the wild, the cleaning of sexy underwear is also a problem that needs to be considered.Because there are no laundry powder and water on hand, you can choose to use lakes or flowing river water, put the sexy underwear in a gauze bag for cleaning.However, you also need to pay attention not to use excessive laundry products, and avoid drying underwear in the sun.

Security: Avoid briefs

Avoid wearing briefs in wild activities.If you accidentally step on the holes of frogs, lizards or squirrels, briefs will only threaten your private parts that cannot avoid, and sexy underwear on both sides can avoid friction.

Place selection: Choose a hidden field

For men and women in outdoor, not all fields in the wild in the wild are suitable for all field places.It is best to choose a hidden field, such as setting up a small wood or flowers with coverage.If you and your partner want to try to show up in the wild and worry about improper wear, choosing hidden wildlands will be safer.

Practical: space limitations must also be considered

In addition, practicality is also an important consideration.Wild activities usually have limited space.Therefore, buying some sexy underwear that does not take up too much space will be a good choice, which is conducive to convenient carrying.

Communication: Break the limit and see if each other will

In the wild, communication is also important.You and your partner should share all the details in the wild trip, including the sexy underwear that we are in each other.Try to interact with your partner in the wild, which will help enhance your trust and pleasure.

Innovation: Exhibit imagination and perform for your partner

In the outdoor environment, the imagination can do more interesting things, such as letting your partner show erotic underwear display.You can put on a small stage that makes everyone else can’t see in the bushes to perform affectionate interpretations for your partner and provide more surprises.

Viewpoint: Wild erotic underwear journey, release passion, share pleasure

In short, the game of sexy underwear in the wild is a good attempt. You can release your own passion and pleasure in such an environment to make your relationship enthusiastically.Of course, the above is some necessary preparations, and the safety of field activities also need to pay attention.Bring your underwear suitable for fun, start with your field trip!

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