Woman underwear you bought for you

Woman underwear you bought for you

Interest underwear is an important element for improving sexual life. Giving a lovers a sexy gift can not only make love more affectionate, but also stimulate passion and sexual desire and improve the quality of sex.Selecting sexy underwear is also a science. You must not only look at the external aesthetics, but also consider the feeling of dressing for you.This article will introduce the skills of choosing sexy underwear from multiple aspects.

1. Understand your figure

You must first understand your figure to choose a sexy underwear so that you can choose a style that suits you.People with different figures are suitable for different sexy underwear. For example, women with smaller breasts are suitable for choosing thickened cups or folds to increase chest lines, while women with large chests should choose supporting stylesEssence

2. Choose comfortable fabrics

It is also very important to choose the fabric of sexy underwear because it is directly related to the comfort of wearing.Generally speaking, the material of the underwear is cotton, silk, lace, gauze and other types. Each has its unique wear experience and visual effects.It is recommended to choose soft and breathable cotton and silk fabrics to ensure comfort and health.

3. Choose the right color

The color of the sexy underwear is also very sophisticated. Different colors represent different emotions and ideas.For example, red represents passion and sexual desire, and black represents mystery and sexy.The color that suits you can not only show personal style, but also create a good atmosphere of sex.

4. Pay attention to details

The details of sexy underwear are also an important factor in choosing.The details of some underwear will affect comfort or visual effects. For example, the shoulder strap design is too thin, it is easy to tighten your shoulders and destroy the overall beauty, so you must choose those sexy underwear with right details.

5. Choose the right model

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to your own chest model. Different chest types are suitable for different erotic underwear models, such as thin and thick type, no steel ring, triangular cup or cup type, and so on.Choosing a model that suits you can make the underwear more naturally fit the figure.

6. Consider wearing occasions

Selecting sex underwear also requires consideration.There are different sexy underwear suitable for different occasions. For example, romantic dating can choose soft lace sexy underwear, and sexy hot gatherings can choose to expose sexy sexy underwear to show your style.

7. Understand the quality and service of the brand

Choosing sex underwear is best to choose well -known brands, so as to ensure the quality and service of underwear.Well -known brands also usually have professional consultants to provide you with matching and suggestions, and also provide online and offline shopping channels, which is very convenient.

8. Understand the cleaning of underwear

In order to ensure the cleaning and hygiene of sexy underwear, you must understand the method of cleaning underwear before selecting sex underwear to avoid using too irritating cleaning agents or mechanical cleaning methods to damage the fabric of the underwear or cause deformation.

9. With other clothing or accessories

Sex underwear can also be matched with other clothing or accessories. For example, red underwear can be paired with black stockings, which looks more tempting.You can choose different matching methods according to different personal preferences.

10. Summary

Selecting sex underwear needs to be considered from multiple aspects, including its own figure, fabric, color, details, models, occasions, brand, cleaning methods and matching methods.I hope that this article can bring you the skills and precautions for choosing sexy underwear, so that every enthusiast can choose the most suitable sexy underwear.

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