Yiwu Xiaoyu underwear wholesale in several districts

How many areas of Yiwu Xiaoyu underwear?

In Yiwu, there are many small sexy underwear wholesale markets in different areas.For businesses from different places, it is very important to understand the differences in these areas.So, what are the wholesale in Yiwu Xiaoyu underwear?

1. Yiwu Market District

The market area is one of the most famous business regions in Yiwu.Of course, there are many small sexy underwear wholesale merchants in this area.There are many types of markets, both prices and quality are guaranteed.

2. Futian Market

Futian District is one of the well -known sexual products wholesale markets in Yiwu.The quality of the merchants here is better than other places.At the same time, the after -sales guarantee system is also more perfect.

Third, Yiwu Hongmen Marketing Area

The Hongmen Marketing Area is another long market in the Yiwu sex supplies market.There are many types of sexy underwear here, and the price is cheaper than most places on the market.

Fourth, Jinmao Building Market

This market is located in the city of Yiwu. It is a very good choice for those who have first arrived.Because the choice here is very complete, and the price is also very close to the people.

5. Jiangdong Market District

The market for the newly developed development of Jiangdong Marketing District covers many different products.There are not many sexy underwear options here, but the quality is relatively high.

6. Yiwu International Business City

Yiwu International Trade City is a trade area for exported goods such as leather goods, luggage, and shoes.Unlike many other wholesale markets, the sexy lingerie style here is more special, and it also pays more attention to after -sales protection.

Seven, Yiwu Chashan area

The Chashan District is a rapidly developing market in recent years, mainly used in small trade and wholesale.The sexy underwear manufacturers here are more concentrated, and the price has a large discount than the market price.

8. Yiwu International Business City No. 2 District

With the rapid development of the first district of Yiwu International Trade City, the second district has also developed and constructed in recent years.There are many types of sexy underwear here, but the price is slightly higher than the market price of the area.

Nine, Jiaya Washington Marketing Area

The commercial location in the market area of Jiaya Washington is particularly large, so the large wholesale market will also be set here.There are large discounts purchased here, and the two can have a lot of discounts.

10. Yiwu Foshan Marketing Area

Foshan Marketing Area is one of the earliest trade zones in Yiwu.There are also many sexy underwear here, and the number of shops is close.Some foreign companies also prefer this wholesale market.

In general, Yiwu’s small sexy underwear wholesale market is very prosperous and distributed in different areas.When choosing a wholesale channel, merchants can choose the appropriate wholesale market according to their needs and budgets.

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