Zhu Ying Welling Underwear Photo

Zhu Ying -the balance between sexy and low -key

Zhu Ying, Chinese underwear model, has endorsements for brands such as Victoria ’s Secret on multiple occasions, which has attracted much attention.Her skin is white and beautiful, and she is highly sought after because of her balance between sexy and low -key.Here, I will introduce her sexy underwear photo and explore her perfect way of dressing.

Sexy is not too much, there is a highlight of low -key -black gives people the ultimate mystery

Black -colored sex lingerie reveals a sense of mystery, which can highlight the elegant temperament of women.If you want to control this temperament, then a black love underwear will never disappoint you.Zhu Ying’s black underwear wearing this time showed sexy and low -key, which was impressed by people.Whether it is styles or details, black classics are perfectly interpreted.

Exquisite slimming with stunning accessories, with a unique and eye -catching eye -catching shape

Underwear accessories are the federation of every woman’s favorite, while the accessories in the sexy underwear highlight the unique sex and sexy charm.The small accessories on Zhu Ying’s body are very delicate. The most impressive shape is the translucent lace shelf. It can be delicately slim and perfectly show the curve.The matching black mini skirt is even more eye -catching.

Under the natural light, the details of lace underwear are perfectly presented to create a natural beauty

The textured underwear of lace leaves an unforgettable impression, which can combine sexy and elegance.The lace underwear in this shape shows this perfectly.Compared to the capture under the strong light, the shooting under natural light is clearer to highlight the details of the underwear, and it can show a natural beauty.

White sweetness, affecting men’s heartstrings

White is considered the purest color, and it has more meaning in sexy underwear.Zhu Ying’s white erotic underwear will never be disappointing. It is sweet and intoxicated and affects the hearts of men.What’s more, white erotic underwear can also symbolize women’s dust and purity.

How to show the chest shape -the effects of sexy underwear of different materials on the chest shape

Sex underwear can handle the curve of women properly, and the material selection of the key parts will also have a good impact on the effect.Therefore, we need to choose the material according to our body and needs to achieve the effect of locking the chest shape and shaping.In this wear, Zhu Ying used the material that was very good in shaping and breast augmentation, which perfectly showed her chest shape.

Playful color matching makes you full of affinity

Color matching can significantly highlight personal charm, and the color matching of sexy underwear needs to be more cautious.Zhu Ying’s sexy underwear suit uses the matching of dark purple and white, showing the playful and affinity characteristics, perfectly matched the high -level sense of women.

Transparent material, full of detail

The translucent material has always been a classic in sexy underwear, and it can create an incredible sense of temptation and mystery.Zhu Ying’s half -transparent underwear is very suitable for her temperament, and it also makes this look full of unpredictable charm.

The texture of the silk is gorgeous, and the design of the chest and waist enhances the proportion of the figure

Silk sexy underwear can create a sense of gorgeousness and nobleness.The sexy underwear on the body has the design of the chest and waist, which can increase the sexy ratio of the waist lines and add more delicateness.And light -colored underwear can also give people a very fresh and comfortable feeling.

Red color sex underwear, showing the charm of independent women

Red color sex underwear is the favorite color of many women, with distinctive visual impact and saturation.Among all colors, red color sexy underwear is one of the most reflected colors that best reflect women’s confidence and independence.The red sexy underwear on Zhu Ying this time showed her independent feminine charm and also showing the classics of red color sexy underwear.


Zhu Ying’s sexy underwear photos show her extraordinary photography talent and wisdom in terms of expression and shape design.Under the premise of mastering her body characteristics, she wears the sexy underwear perfectly, showing the beauty of sexy and low -key complementary balance.Therefore, we cannot simply summarize the most suitable type of sexy underwear, but we can choose a sexy underwear that suits us according to personal style, so that ourselves show the most beautiful self -confidence and sexy.