Beauty wearing sexy underwear to buy stockings


Every girl wants to wear sexy sexy underwear and stockings to show her beauty.However, when buying stockings, some girls will be confused by complicated stockings types, materials and colors.In this article, we will discuss how beautiful women buy stockings when wearing sexy underwear.

Size and material

When buying stockings, the size and material are one of the two most important aspects.Girls should measure their waist and thighs to ensure that they choose the right size.When buying materials, you can choose different materials according to the season and personal taste, such as wool, silk, nylon, etc.

Selection of color

When choosing the color of stockings, you should consider your sexy underwear color and overall shape.If the colors of sexy underwear and stockings are similar, this will make your overall shape more perfect.

Transparency and style

Transparent stockings and patterns or patterns are popular styles.When buying stockings, don’t forget to choose different styles of items for different occasions.

Brand and quality

Choosing a brand can help you better choose high -quality stockings.It is best to choose a brand that has been certified and has a good customer reputation.Good quality stockings are softer, comfortable, smooth, and durable.

Seasonal consideration

In different seasons, the types of stockings are different.In winter, you can choose deep -textured stockings, and in summer, you can choose thin and comfortable transparent stockings.

Matching skills

Correctly matching sexy underwear and stockings can help you show your beauty better.Similar colors or colors are good choices.In different occasions, you can choose different matching methods. For example, with a black pencil sleeve fairy skirt in business occasions, it looks elegant.

Detail difference

Different styles and material stockings will bring details in detail, such as: high waist, no high waist, there are edges, no edges, and so on.In mid -to -high -level occasions, high -waisted stockings are noble, and transparent stockings in white -collar workers are also beneficial to handle different fashion styles.

Price and budget

When it comes to price, more expensive stockings often perform better.In terms of budget, buy with sex underwear, or find a discount and special price platform, which will help you buy better stockings.


Before wearing stockings, you should polish and trim your nails to avoid cutting through stockings.When cleaning stockings, do not use the washing machine to wash it, just wash it with your hands.When drying stockings, do not hang to dry. Before drying, you should fully wipe the residual water.

in conclusion

In short, when buying stockings, you should consider size, material, color and style.Choosing brands and better quality stockings, with sexy underwear, can show your unique style.Remember the details and precautions at all times to ensure the reuse and lasting of your stockings.

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