What to do if you like sexy underwear during pregnancy

Body changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy has a great impact on women’s body. In addition to gradually becoming larger during pregnancy, there will also be many changes that have many muscle relaxation, freckles, and nipple color changes.Because of these changes, many expectant mothers need to buy new underwear.

Choose suitable underwear

Choosing the right underwear is very important for expectant mothers.Suitable underwear can provide better support and comfort, helping to alleviate some physical discomfort.During pregnancy, underwear should choose cotton, breathable, comfortable materials to avoid any impermeable and tight clothing.

Questions of sexy underwear

Many women have the habit of wearing sexy underwear during pregnancy, but whether it is suitable for wearing erotic underwear to consider it carefully during pregnancy.Some sexy underwear may contain harmful substances to pregnancy, or may cause unnecessary pressure on the breasts, so expectant mothers need to pay special attention to choice.

Proper sexy underwear

If mothers choose to wear sexy underwear, they should choose loose, breathable and non -tight styles.In addition, it is best to choose a style without steel ring and sponge. This underwear helps reduce the burden on the breast and make expectant mothers feel more comfortable when wearing.

It is not recommended to wear sexy underwear

Some mothers choose not to wear sexy underwear during pregnancy because this underwear can easily cause inflammation of the vagina or other parts, and some sexy lingerie fabrics harm too much to pregnant women, too soft and easy to wear.Cause damage and become one of the culprits of postpartum scars.

How to choose sleep underwear

Pregnant women’s sleep underwear also needs to pay attention to choice, and it needs to be more loose and comfortable in sleep.It is best to choose a loose style without steel rings and sponge, which can alleviate the pressure of the location and make pregnant women feel easier and at ease in sleep all night.

Pay attention to the hygiene of underwear

As in other times, women’s underwear during pregnancy also needs to be based on hygiene.Because the physical resistance of pregnant mothers will be reduced accordingly during pregnancy. If the cleaning of underwear is not strict enough, it may cause some bacterial infection problems and bring hidden dangers to the health of the baby and pregnant women.

Number of underwear during pregnancy

The number of underwear during pregnancy should be maintained within an appropriate range without too much.Depending on changes in pregnancy, underwear is continuously updated, two to three are enough.It should be noted that the better the quality of the underwear, the more health care, it is not recommended to save money to save the purchase of unhealthy underwear.


Pregnant women should be particularly cautious and paid attention to when choosing clothes throughout pregnancy, especially the choice of underwear.Not only should we pay attention to the comfort and practicality of the underwear, but also pay attention to materials and health problems.Although pregnant women do not have to give up their preferences on sexy underwear, they need to make appropriate choices to ensure their health and safety.

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