Sexual underwear open crotch pants live novels

What is sexy underwear open crotch pants?

Interest underwear open crotch pants are a special sexy underwear design. As the name suggests, a hole is opened on the crotch, so that the wearer can enjoy the pleasure of sex at any time without taking off the underwear or pants.This design can not only increase interest, but also facilitate sex. It is a popular one among many sexy lingerie styles.

Falling underwear open crotch pants novel: The pleasure on the road of Yan Yu

Mr. Wang and Ms. Li are a couple. They recently bought a sexy lingerie open crotch pants.One night, they decided to try the newly bought underwear and played a car shock game on the road.Ms. Li, who was wearing open crotch pants, heard Mr. Wang’s obsession moaning, couldn’t help swinging her hips and enjoying pleasure.The passengers sitting next to each other did not know about it.This underwear design not only enables the two to enjoy the thrill, but also increase their love.

The development history of open crotch pants

Questy underwear open crotch pants originated after the 20th century.In the social atmosphere at the time, sex was considered a very private thing, but in some occasions, people also wanted to enjoy the fun of sex in a more strange and novel way.And life.With the evolution of the times, there are more and more types of open crotch pants, and the style is more colorful, becoming a major category in sexy underwear.

Features of the material of open crotch pants

Interest underwear open crotch pants mainly use soft and comfortable fabrics, such as cotton and silk, lace, etc.These materials are not only comfortable and breathable, but also provide sufficient elasticity, which can make the wearer feel more personal contact.In addition, some manufacturers use transparent or translucent materials to allow more skin to be exposed to the air and increase interest.

Design characteristics of open crotch pants

The design feature of sexy lingerie open crotch pants is that there is a small hole in front of it, so that two people can still perform sex when we wear it.This design provides greater convenience, because it can be sex without taking off other clothing without worrying about exposing nakedness.

Classification of open crotch pants

The classification of sexy underwear open crotch pants is very diverse. According to the different design, it can be divided into three different styles such as three -block, four -block, and five -block type, while the specific names are different due to the different brands.

Purchase suggestion for open crotch pants

For those who buy sexy underwear open crotch pants, you need to pay attention to the relationship between the size of the underwear and the personal figure, otherwise not only can not be comfortable to wear, but also may not be able to exert the performance of underwear.In addition, quality is also an important indicator that needs to be paid when purchasing, ensuring the safety, health, and non -irritating underwear.

Suggestions for the use of open crotch pants

When using sexy underwear open crotch pants, you need to pay attention to hygiene issues.Underwear is easily affected by sweat, secretions and other items, so you need to pay more attention to cleaning and disinfection.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the comfort when wearing.

The value of open crotch pants

The value of the use of sexy underwear open crotch pants not only can provide sexual convenience, but also improve interest.The peculiar design of this underwear adds the types and styles of sexy underwear, and also improves the scope of the scope of fun underwear, becoming one of the essential products for couples to increase interest and improve sexual life.


Interest underwear open crotch pants are a very special and strange sexy underwear design, which can facilitate the wearer to enjoy the pleasure of sex and increase interest.Pay attention to the size, quality, cleaning and other factors when buying, and pay attention to comfort when wearing.Has high use value and significance, and has become one of the essentials for couples to increase interest and improve sexual life.

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