Tie people with ropes to teach sex underwear

Tie people with ropes to teach sex underwear

Binding is a common behavior in the field of sexy underwear, and it is also a stimulating experience.If the technique is improper, it will cause damage, so it is very important to master the correct skills and methods.This article will teach you how to tie people correctly with ropes to allow you to get more stimulating experiences in sexy lingerie games.

Choose a rope type

Choosing a rope is the first step of rope technology. It is generally recommended to use soft ropes, such as velvet, velvet or latex ropes.These materials are soft and elastic, not easy to tighten the skin, and feel warm, suitable for use in sexy lingerie games.

Create a suitable environment

Bonding is a very private experience that needs to be carried out in a comfortable and safe environment.At the beginning, it is necessary to create a sufficiently comfortable environment, such as soft lights, soft sheets, tables or other brackets.Make sure no one will interfere or disturb during binding.

Technical point

When binding, to master specific skills, you need to determine the tightness of the binding position and the utensils.For different locations, different technologies can be selected, such as tidbits or Beidou Qixing knots, and do not tighten each other’s skin when using ropes. At the same time, pay attention to choosing the right fixed point.

Safety Precautions

No matter how skilled you are, you must keep in mind that safety is the most important.It is necessary to avoid tightly tied and hurt the other person’s body. At the same time, it is necessary to have spare scissors or unrinkler so that the rope can be released quickly when necessary.

Breathing and touch

It is very important to pay attention to the opponent’s breathing and touch during the binding process. It is necessary to ensure that the other party can breathe comfortably while experiencing sufficient touch.You can add a layer of wool or foam pad under the rope to enhance the touch experience, and at the same time, it can better control the tightness of each position.

Time and scene

When binding, it is best to determine the scenes and time, and make the necessary preparations and arrangements.In some cases, too long binding time will cause discomfort to the body, so before binding, you must discuss with the other party to ensure that you can experience pleasure comfortably.

Responsibility and exchanges

In the process of binding, we must pay attention to responsibility and communication.As a rope controller, you need to take more responsibilities to ensure the safety and comfort of the other party.If the other party is discomfort or pain, it needs to be stopped immediately and gives the necessary help.

in conclusion

Binding is an important part of sexy underwear, and it is also a very private and exciting experience.Select the rope correctly, create a suitable environment, master the correct skills and methods, pay attention to safety and communication, and enjoy the stimulus of bondage in the right time and scene, which can make your sexy underwear experience more exciting.

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