Shu Qi sex underwear fashion show

Shu Qi sex underwear fashion show

Shu Qi sex underwear fashion show

Background introduction

Shu Qi Funwear Fashion Show is a sexy underwear brand launched by Hong Kong actor Shu Qi in 2007. This brand has unique features and has achieved good sales in the market with its unique design style and noble brand image.

Brand Style

The design of Shu Qi Funwear Fashion Show belongs to the European and American style, emphasizing the sexy and elegant of women, and paying attention to the carving of details.In terms of color, the color system is mainly black, red, and white, which combines different materials and accessories to reflect the noble quality of the brand.

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The main style of Shu Qi sex underwear fashion show is sexy underwear and sexy underwear.Among them, sexy underwear is mainly underwear such as close -up corsets, chest -pressed bras, and sexy underwear is mainly made of lace lace, fluff and other materials.In addition, the brand is also involved in all kinds of pajamas, bras, stockings and other leisure series.

Fabric material

The fabrics of Shu Qi Funwear Fashion Show are diverse. They mainly include lace, silk, linen, cotton cloth, etc. These fabrics use high -quality materials, which are soft and comfortable.

Suitable crowd

Shu Qi Funwear Fashion Show is suitable for fashionable women who like sexy and unique styles. Both professional women and housewives can wear this underwear to show their feminine charm.

Price positioning

The price of Shu Qi Funwear Fashion Show is relatively high, belonging to high -end underwear brands.Its pricing is better than some international luxury brands, but the price of general underwear in China may be slightly higher than that in China.

Brand Awareness


Shu Qi Funwear Fashion Show’s brand awareness is relatively low, which may not be as well -known as international big names.However, this also provides a greater creative space for their brand shaping.For some people who are more familiar with underwear, Shu Qi’s sex underwear fashion show is a good brand worth trying.


The brand image of Shu Qi Funwear Fashion Show shows a noble and confident feeling.They also pay attention to cooperation with the art world in propaganda, and at the same time are not limited to a single style. The design is constantly new in design, making people curious about the brand and maintaining a certain mystery.

Market performance

Shu Qi Funwear Fashion Show also belongs to an emerging brand in the market and has not established a foothold in the underwear market.Nevertheless, the brand’s high -quality, high -quality values, and strong visual impact have laid the foundation for the brand’s future success.


Shu Qi Funwear Fashion Show, as a female sexy and elegant underwear brand, has a lot of room for development in the future market competition.Its brand image and unique design style have attracted the attention of many consumers, and also contributed to the diversity of the underwear market.