Show your girlfriend’s sexy underwear to netizens

Show your girlfriend's sexy underwear to netizens


Girlfriend is the heart of every man, and sending sexy underwear is a stunning thing. However, when a man expose his girlfriend’s sexy underwear to the Internet, what will happen?

Interest underwear is a private item

Interest underwear is different from ordinary clothing. It is a private item for women.Forcibly to expose her girlfriend’s sexy underwear to the Internet is a kind of violation of her privacy.

Protecting privacy is important

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Everyone needs a privacy. Danning her girlfriend’s sexy underwear will destroy her image in your heart.If you must share it, please respect her wishes and cover the sensitive parts.

Respect your girlfriend’s choice

Women have the right to shop, and choosing the sexy underwear she wants is also her freedom.Men should respect their girlfriend’s choice at this time, rather than impose their own ideas.

Talk about the brand of sexy underwear

When we talk about sexy underwear, we need to choose the brand with caution.A good brand will make women more confident rather than making them feel degraded.

Important material

Different brands of sexy underwear are different. For example, cotton underwear is highly comfortable, and the texture of the underwear made of silk is better.Therefore, men should pay attention to the material of the sexy underwear worn by their girlfriends.

How to take pictures of sexy underwear

If your girlfriend wants to take a picture, she can discuss how to put on sexy underwear and take unique photos.Of course, don’t put these photos on the Internet.


Attention to detail

Interest underwear is a unique moment of women, and men should pay attention and care on details.Help her girlfriend to pull her buttons that she can’t reach, let her feel your love.

Choose a sexy sheet for girlfriend

If you choose to buy sexy underwear for your girlfriend, you need to pay attention to her taste and avoid buying a style that is inappropriate to her body and temperament.


In our era of social media, privacy protection has become unprecedentedly important.Men should respect the privacy of women, and do not easily expose their girlfriend’s sexy underwear to the Internet.

This can not only make your girlfriend more trust you, but also build a healthier and lasting relationship.