Special code big sexy underwear

Special code big sexy underwear

Special code big sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, with the development of the times and people’s demand for sex, has become an indispensable part of daily life.The specialty and big fun underwear is a sexy lingerie style that is more suitable for large -scale women.Next, this article will introduce the contents of the purchase guide, style and matching skills of special code big sex underwear.

1. Buy a guide

Choosing a special code that is suitable for yourself must not only consider comfort, but also consider your body and personal preference.Generally speaking, choosing a soft texture and excellent fabric, which has less irritation to the skin.In addition, when buying a special code big sexy underwear, you must try it on to ensure that the size is appropriate.

Second, sexy lingerie styles

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There are many special -code -making lingerie styles, which contain both cute and sweet styles, but also sexy and bold styles.Among them, the sexy underwear of the corset, three -point style and hollow design is more popular.Special code and big sexy underwear aims to show the sexy side of women, so the style can be selected and sexy and generous.

Third, adult erotic sheet clothes

Compared with general erotic underwear, adult sexy underwear will expose women’s body parts more obviously and pay more attention to sexy effects.For physical defects brought about by problems such as older and fat, you can choose some underwear with abdomen and shaping effects.

Fourth, European and American sexy sheets

European and American sexy lingerie has a variety of styles, with a sense of personality and fashion.Compared with Japanese and Korean sexy underwear, the design style of European and American sexy underwear is more upset and personalized.The color matching is also more fashionable. It can be used with high heels and skirts to let women grab the limelight in party, nightclubs and other occasions.

Five, suspenders sexy underwear

Tibetan sexy underwear is a more common special code lingerie. Its design is relatively simple, but the degree of sexy cannot be underestimated.Belt sexy underwear can be equipped with lace stockings, with sexy high heels, allowing women to fully show their sexy charm in life and sex.

Six, chest stickers sexy underwear

Frequent busty underwear can solve the inconvenience caused by unable to wear underwear when wearing low -cut clothes.This underwear is not only sexy, but also convenient and comfortable, allowing you to maintain beauty and sexy anytime, anywhere.


Seven, short -sleeved sexy dress

Short -sleeved erotic underwear is more bold in design. The rare short -sleeved design adds a mystery to the wearer.By matching different short jackets, you can achieve a thin effect, and at the same time, you can also reflect your clothes more perfectly.

Eight, matching skills

Special code and big fun underwear itself already have a strong sexy effect. If the appropriate match is added, the sexy degree will be higher.Generally speaking, the color of the underwear should be consistent with the color of the coat or pants to form a visual unity.

Nine, tips

Pay attention to some tips for wearing special code big sexy underwear, such as choosing the right underwear and avoiding wide -frame glasses.In addition, when wearing a special lottery underwear, you can increase the height of the chest through Sai Dongxi in the bra’s cup.

10. Conclusion

Special code and big fun underwear aims to show women’s sexy charm and self -confidence.Only when comfort and sexy can fully show the charm of women.Therefore, when choosing a special code big sex underwear, you must taste more and choose your own underwear.