Taobao comments sexy underwear sad


Recently, there are more and more people buying sexy underwear on Taobao, and the comments in the comment area are also diverse, and even some comments make people feel sad.Why does this happen?This article will analyze and interpret Taobao’s erotic underwear.

The essence of sex underwear

The essence of sexy underwear is sexy, lustful.However, when buying this underwear, you need to pay attention to size and style problems. If you buy inappropriate styles or sizes, you may cause discomfort and even have anti -effects.

Reason for sadness

Some sexy underwear buyers will show sad emotions in the comments.There may be the following reasons: First, after the purchase is not in line with the online pictures, it feels "deceived"; the second is that it is not suitable to wear after buying, which causes discomfort and unconfident;Sexy may also be to restore a certain relationship or find self -confidence, and underwear does not achieve the expected effect.

Merchant’s responsibility

As a seller, merchants need to ensure that the underwear style and size matching, and provide detailed size tables and physical pictures to avoid false publicity.In addition, merchants should also provide high -quality after -sales service to help customers solve problems.

The responsibility of the buyer

As consumers, we should also read product details and size tables, and communicate with customer service before shopping to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and losses.

Changes in the style of the comment area

The style of the comment area also changes over time and social changes.In the past, the comments were mainly "good -looking" and "fit", and the current comments are more realistic and emotional.

Comment sadness does not mean that underwear is not good

Some sad comments do not mean that the underwear is not good, but the expectations and reality of buyers are relatively large, and they need to change their attitudes and mentality.When publishing comments, you should also start from an objective perspective and evaluate the quality, fabrics and tailoring of the underwear.


Comments are important for merchants and consumers.Good comments can increase sales and increase store scores, and can also provide reference and help for other consumers.Improper comments may have negative effects and word of mouth risk.

Establish sex underwear evaluation standards

In order to improve the evaluation standards of sexy underwear, salesmen and consumers can jointly establish sexy underwear evaluation standards, including the quality, style, fabric and wearing experience of underwear, thereby reducing unnecessary misunderstandings and losses.


Generally speaking, the emergence of the sadness of sexy underwear comments is related to various factors.Merchants and consumers should start from their own, change attitudes and behaviors, and contribute to the establishment of the evaluation standards of sexy underwear and the improvement of quality.

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