Taobao sex underwear Amoy girl


Taobao sex underwear, as a female -exclusive secret weapon, has always been loved by female consumers, and the Tao girls among them are the backbone of Taobao sex underwear.They are both product salesmen and friends of consumers, providing surprises and comfort for many women.This article will focus on the Tao girls of Taobao’s sexy underwear, so that you can better understand the purchase methods and product characteristics of Taobao’s sexy underwear.

Tao Girl’s Concept

Amoy Girl is the main salesperson of Taobao sex underwear stores. After professional training and learning, they can provide consumers with professional opinions and suggestions.

Tao Girl’s role

Tao girl is not only a salesperson of the store, but also a real -time consultation and after -sales service personnel during shopping.During the shopping process, consumers can choose the details of the product through the Tao girl, and choose the sexy underwear that suits them best according to their figure characteristics and wearing habits.In addition, Tao Girl also provides consumers with a series of after -sales services, including: product maintenance, size replacement, returns and exchanges.

Tao girl’s professional knowledge

Tao girls need to have certain professional knowledge, including: sex, styles, styles, functions and other knowledge; how to correctly measure size; how to wear sexy lingerie and other skills.Only professional knowledge and skills can make Tao girls more handy in the process of serving consumers.

Tao Girl’s image

Tao girls need to maintain a good image. They must wear exquisite, stylish sexy underwear, but also have a good image.Tao girl is the image spokesperson for Taobao sex underwear shops, and shoulders the task of conveying brands and styles to consumers.

Tao girl’s recruitment method

Amoy girls are generally recruited by Taobao sex lingerie shops and have been professional training and assessment.Different stores may have different requirements for the Tao girl, but in general, it is necessary to have certain conditions, temperament, professional knowledge and sales experience.

Tao girl’s working conditions

Tao girls can choose online or offline work. Online work is mainly to provide consumers with pre -sale and after -sales service online, and offline work is to provide consumers with consultation and sales services in physical stores.Due to work content, Tao girls need to have a strong ability to express their ability and communication ability.

Tao girl’s treatment

The treatment of the Tao girl is different due to the differences in stores and regions, which generally include basic wages and sales of commission bonuses.In the case of outstanding work performance, the store will also provide a promotion opportunity and training opportunities for Tao girls to help Tao girls achieve their career development.

Tao girl interaction with consumers

Tao girl is not only a salesperson of the store, but also a friend of consumers.Tao girls will communicate with customers through various channels, understand the needs of customers, provide customers with high -quality pre -sales consulting and after -sales service, and create a better consumer experience.


Taobao sexy underwear is an indispensable part of Taobao sex underwear shops. They are not only spokespersons of the store image, but also a consumer consultant for consumers.During the shopping process of Taobao sex lingerie, the existence of Tao girls provides consumers with comprehensive services and support, so that consumers are more confident and comfortable when buying.

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