The AV number wears a sexy underwear to the store

The AV number wears a sexy underwear to the store

More and more people try sexy underwear in life and become the beneficiaries of the sex culture.In Japan, sexy underwear is very closely linked to the AV number.Some people will buy it because they watched the actress in a certain AV number. However, this preference has also been brought to real life, which has attracted a lot of attention.This article will explore this topic from several aspects.

The inherent view of sexy underwear in the outside world

When many people think of sexy underwear, what is emerging in their minds is the negative image of pornography, obscene, etc., and will be blamed by others even at home.However, sexy underwear is no longer the product of the wild period of the United States, but has become a culture.Some brands respect the concept of "sexy and playful", which no longer emphasize pornography.Women just want to try to wear beautiful underwear, why should it be so harsh?

Do you go to the store wearing a sex lingerie to violate the law?

This problem is actually considered by many people.When wearing a sexy underwear, your body and mind will be relaxed.However, when going to off -road stores or other public places, this dress looks a bit eye -catching.In fact, there is no illegal criminal act, unless the content of the sex underwear itself violates the law.

Will the store accept customers wearing sexy underwear?

Some sex brands have gone out of the original way and incorporated into the public market.Therefore, it is not a big deal to sell sexy underwear to the store’s customers.The store can also understand that sexy underwear is no longer just in the field of small men’s marketing, but has become part of the experience of all human beings.Some brands of stores are even specially prepared for trials to facilitate customers to try on underwear and choose one that suits them best.

Is it appropriate to wear sexy underwear to public places?

There is no problem in public places to wear sexy underwear.It is also a wonderful thing to be able to wear comfortable sexy underwear.However, pay attention to the occasion, such as wearing in churches, weddings, funerals and other places may violate social moral issues.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly

If you want to leave a perfect impression, you need to pay close attention to details in sexy underwear.First of all, you need to know your body and skin color and buy underwear that suits you.Secondly, you need to focus on your chest, because most sexy underwear needs you to have "perfect officials".

What do women wear sexy underwear to indicate

There are two goals of women in sexy underwear: one is to bring happiness to themselves, and the other is to make themselves more beautiful.Sexy underwear is very attractive in appearance, so it will also be emotionally satisfied.Putting on sex underwear does not necessarily need to meet the needs of men, it is also to make it feel more comfortable and confident.

Can men wear sexy underwear?

Men’s sexy underwear is a cultural phenomenon. More and more people are trying to wear sexy underwear to cater to their needs.Men’s sexy underwear does not mean that they have problems with sexuality.Although such behaviors may be watched by people around them, there is no problem if they can embrace this culture correctly.


It is not wrong to wear sexy underwear, but you need to master some basic knowledge points. You must have a correct understanding of your body. Choose the brand, style, and color that suits you.More importantly, when wearing sexy underwear, you need to have a confident mentality to make your own charm.

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