The scolding jk is a sex lingerie and the exhibition that time

Start: I was scolded as "JK"

Before that exhibition, I was always fascinated by sexy underwear.So when I saw a set of sexy sexy underwear in the store, I did not hesitate to win it, ready to show off at the upcoming exhibition.However, I was accused of being "JK" and fell into an embarrassing situation.

What is "JK"?

For those who do not understand Japanese culture, "JK" means "women’s high school students".The word was originally described as a female high school student with serious pursuit of vanity and impetuous attitude. It was usually used to label those young women who are too fashionable in fashion.

The influence of "JK" culture at the exhibition

At the exhibition, many women in sexy underwear are accused of "JK", although they may far exceed the age of "female high school students".These accusations made me a little frustrated, especially because as a sexy underwear enthusiast, I know that this is not the real "JK" culture.But this label is difficult to get rid of it, especially under the infiltration of Japanese culture.

Diversity of sexy underwear

In fact, the "JK" culture does not really involve the diversity of sexy underwear.In fact, sexy underwear is a very extensive type of clothing. It includes a variety of types, such as lace underwear, hollow underwear, black mimosa and so on.These clothing types can be suitable for women of any age, not just women’s high school students.

The charm of sexy underwear

For me, the charm of sexy underwear is that it is a sexy and charming clothing.It can bring self -confidence and self -esteem to the wearer.When you put on a beautiful sexy underwear, you will feel that you are both sexy and attractive.This sense of self -confidence allows you to show yourself more naturally in social occasions.

Find the sexy underwear type that suits you

If you are not familiar with the type of sexy underwear, you need to understand multiple brands and different styles.You can go to a sex shop or look at the types of sex underwear and the style of clothing.When choosing pants and underwear, consider different materials and styles, and find underwear suitable for your body and personality.

How to wear sex underwear is not misunderstood as "jk"

If you put on a beautiful set of sexy underwear, you must not want to be misunderstood as a "JK".So you should pay attention to avoid excessive exaggerated ingredients and youthful elements.For example, stay away from too fancy or too tight clothes and pants, and choose some sexy underwear suitable for your body, elegant and generous, can help you avoid misunderstanding.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear is not equal to "JK"

No matter who you are and what you wear, you have the right to choose the type of clothing that you feel comfortable and beautiful.Falling underwear is a special type of clothing, which allows you to feel your sexy and charm.Let us stop looking at the "JK" culture on the surface, but pay attention to the diversity of sexy underwear and the beauty of clothing.

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