What is the effect of sexy underwear wearing


Interest underwear has always been a very important part of various sex skills, because it can help you actively show your figure curve, stimulate the senses of you and your partner, and bring a more unique and romantic sex experience.But what effect does sex underwear wear, can you make your sex better better?This article will answer you one by one.

increase self-confidence

Putting on a sexy underwear, the body curve is more prominent, which will also double your self -confidence.On some special occasions, such as the wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc., wearing sexy underwear and the charming gesture will make your other half appreciate you more, and want to spend sex with you more than you.

Enhanced attractiveness

Putting on a sexy underwear to highlight your beautiful curve, it can more easily attract each other and make the other party more excited.Especially after sexual life, the posture and figure curve of sexy underwear before can make men deepen the beautiful impression of women.

Stimulate the senses of both parties

Interest underwear can not only increase the atmosphere and atmosphere of sex, but also add some mood.For example, sexy underwear such as implicit, charming, romantic and other styles can stimulate the partner’s visual, hearing, and smelting senses, making sex more comfortable, relaxed and pleasant.

Increase sex freshness

对于有固定性爱对象且经常发生性爱的人来说,性爱的新鲜感和刺激感可能会逐渐降低,那么穿上情趣内衣,就可以增加性爱新鲜感和刺激感,让性爱充满未知的惊喜, 让You and your partner are more enjoyable.

Cover the physical shortcomings

When wearing a sexy underwear, you can cover some physical shortcomings, such as the belly, thighs, hips and other parts to make the body look firmer and soft.In this case, you can not only improve self -confidence, but also better cooperate with sexy underwear to show your beautiful figure.

Promote communication and expression

When wearing sexy underwear, you will have the opportunity to dominate the sexy lingerie series, style and color.This process promotes your communication and expression with your partner, can also enhance the communication of sexual life, break the inherent model in sex life, and make sex more interesting and sweet.

Help Burning Passion

Sex underwear is a means of burning passion.When you wear sexy underwear on your body, you will feel that your body naturally starts to spontaneously produce unusual sexual ideas and desires.At this time, your communication and interaction with your partner will become more inspiring and make your sex life burn.

Enhance the stimulus of physical sensation

For those who like to use strange skills and various sex skills, sexy underwear provides excellent physical sensory stimuli.For example, sexy underwear such as shredded meat and stockings can stimulate the reflection effect of skin sensation and natural light, making the sex of the other half more excited, and achieve a more exciting and exciting sex effect.

Interactive sex night

Putting on sexy underwear, with the appropriate music and aromatherapy smell, you can create a very special atmosphere of sex, allowing you and your partner to enjoy each other’s love and happiness in a special environment, let you between youThe relationship is closer and sweeter.


Sex underwear can increase self -confidence, enhance sexual attraction and stimulate various sensory, increase sexuality, cover up body shortcomings, promote communication and expression, burn passion, enhance physical sensory stimuli, and create a night of interactive sex.No matter what kind of sexy underwear, it can bring different effects and experiences to your sexual life.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you to enjoy the happiness and happiness brought by sex.

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