Young Woman Wearing Fun Underwear Mouth Readns

Young Woman Wearing Fun Underwear Mouth Readns

Sex underwear is a gift for modern women. It can show the sexy charm of women and enhance the romantic mood between husband and wife.Today, as a young woman who likes to wear sexy underwear, I will share some feelings and experiences of wearing sex underwear.

1. Different styles

The category of sexy underwear is very rich and different in style.There are backpacks, lace bellybands, sexy skirts, etc., which makes people look dazzling.Each style has different characteristics and taste.Wearing different erotic underwear can make people become different characters and feel more.

2. The effect of material on wearing has a significant impact

Although sexy underwear requires sexy, it is very important to have a very important impact on the comfort of wearing.I like to wear lace fabric sexy underwear, soft and breathable, and elegant texture.In addition, for people like me and comfortable, the sexy underwear of cotton materials is also a good choice.

3. Size buying is very important

The size of sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear, so pay special attention when buying.If the size of the purchased size is too large, it will cause non -paste and sexy sense of sexual sex; if the size of the purchased size is too small, it will cause discontinuity and even feel uncomfortable.Choosing the right size is the prerequisite for wearing sexy underwear.

4. Positioning and occasion are very important

The positioning of sexy underwear is very important.A little formal occasion, you can choose a classic temperament sexy underwear, such as stockings, high heels, etc.; If it is a private occasion, you can wear a sexy underwear with transparent and exposed body curves.In short, you must buy different sexy underwear according to different occasions to truly reflect the charm of sexy underwear.

5. The communication and psychological expectations of husband and wife are very important

The wearing of sexy underwear is to increase the taste of husband and wife, so before we wearing, we must communicate with our partners, listen to his suggestions and feedback, and understand his psychological expectations.Only when wearing a sexy underwear can we better bring stimulation and satisfaction to the partner.

6. Normal disinfection and cleaning

Interest underwear, like ordinary underwear, requires regular disinfection and cleaning.Every time you wear it, you should put the sexy underwear in the water in time and soak it in the water to disinfect and clean it in a gentle washing solution.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose the material maintenance method that is easy to understand and is not easy to damage the texture.

7. The matching of different styles

If a sexy underwear cannot meet your needs, you can try to match different styles.For example, with stockings and high heels outside the sexy tight skirt, it is a very good way to match.This can not only increase the changes in wearing, but also show your charm better.

8. Confident attitude

The most important thing in wearing sex underwear is self -confidence.No matter what physical defects you have, you can show your body curve and charm.Therefore, no matter whether it is decent or not, a self -confident attitude is the one that impresses people’s hearts.


It is a very personal thing to wear a sex underwear, and many people are unwilling to talk publicly.However, wearing sexy underwear can indeed allow people to experience another kind of pleasure, increasing the taste and romance between husband and wife.Of course, when wearing sexy underwear, we must also buy appropriate styles and sizes according to our physical conditions, and wear sexy underwear more naturally and comfortably.

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