Your erotic lingerie has fallen in English


Interest underwear is an important fashion accessory in modern society.They are usually used to enhance sexual attractiveness and provide self -comfort.But sometimes, fun underwear may make you fall in English.This is a very embarrassing problem, but it can be avoided in the following ways:

Use the correct size

The sexy underwear is too large or too small, which will cause it to be inappropriate to wear, and it may fall in English.Therefore, be sure to choose the correct size.If you are not sure of your size, you can try to try on or use the online size guide to the store.

Choose high -quality sexy underwear

The quality of erotic underwear is very important, especially when buying as much as possible to choose products with higher quality.Poor quality may cause sexy underwear to fall off, which makes you embarrassed.

Use sexy underwear correctly

Different types of sexy underwear can be targeted at different groups and scenes, such as sexy corsets, briefs, and so on.Putting on a sexy underwear correctly can avoid dropping problems.For example, the corset can strengthen your chest support and enhance the outline of the chest, while the briefs can avoid the exposure of the hip fat.Be careful not to put under underwear wrong, such as using bra as briefs.

Avoid long -term wear

If you wear sexy underwear for a long time, especially those very tight underwear, you may cause poor blood circulation and hinder your normal breathing.Moreover, long -term wearing can make the sexy underwear relax and then drop underwear.Therefore, don’t wear sexy underwear for a long time.

Use tape or tights

If you still feel uneasy, you can consider using tape or tight pants.When using tape, please be careful not to stick it to the chest or sensitive area to avoid damage to the skin.Moreover, the use of tapes too frequently can cause damage to the skin.Therefore, use this method carefully.Tight pants can provide additional support to avoid falling in sex underwear.

Pay attention to your pose

The correct posture can help you avoid falling in sex underwear.For example, if your posture is incorrect, you may cause underwear to drop.Therefore, keep the right posture at all times.

Buy a professional sexy underwear clip

If you have a lot of sexy underwear in your wardrobe, you can consider buying a special sexy underwear clip.This can help you store and protect sexy underwear better.

in conclusion

If you pay attention to the above points, you will be able to avoid the problem of falling in English for sexy underwear.Correctly wearing sexy underwear can not only improve sexy and charm, but also bring you more confidence and joy.

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